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Sklep 10 ciekawostek o penisie, które wypada znać Przeciętna długość penisa, męski punkt G, na co kobiety zwracają uwagę i czy ananasy poprawiają smak spermy? Na te plus kilka podobnych pytań znajdziesz odpowiedź w tym tekście.

United Kingdom: Brunner Routledge, Cytat: Men subjected to capital punishment by hanging and laboratory animals sacrificed with cervical dislocation have terminal erections. The implication is that either central inhibition of erection is released and erection created or that a sudden massive spinal cord stimulus generates an erectile response. There is ample experimental and clinical evidence to support the former supposition.

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Hadley Co. Cytat: Erection has long been observed to follow injuries to the cerebellum and spinal cord. Out of eleven cases of cerebellar hemorrhage, erection of the penis was noted six times by Serres. Death by hanging is often accompanied by partial erection.

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Cytat: Priapism is sometimes seen as a curious symptom of lesion of the spinal cord. In such cases it is totally unconnected with any voluptuous sensation, and is only found accompanied by motor paralysis.

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It may occur spontaneously immediately after accident involving the cord, and is then probably due to undue excitement of the portion of the cord below the lesion, which is deprived of the regulating influence of the brain Pressure on the cerebellum is supposed to account for cases of priapism observed in executions and suicides by hanging.

There is an instance recorded of an Italian castrata who said he provoked sexual pleasure by partially hanging himself.

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Henry Renshaw, Cytat: Estragon: What about hanging ourselves? Vladimir: Hmm. It'd give us an erection. Estragon: highly excited.

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An erection! Vladimir: With all that follows. Where it falls mandrakes grow.

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That's why they shriek when you pull them up. Did you not know that? Estragon: Let's hang ourselves immediately!